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Health and Safety Business Advisors x2 Job Details
Job title: Health and Safety Business Advisors x2
Category: Commercial
Term: Temporary
Location: Worcestershire
Ref: 895122
Job description:
Key Accountabilities (All Accountabilities will be carried out in line with policies, procedures and relevant regulations and legislation)

1 Provide guidance, advice and support to allocated operations to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and minimise conflict between safety and business activity considerations, assess risk and propose workable solutions allowing operations to carry out health and safety activities independently.
2 Deliver training to employees across the Group as necessary, in line with their health and safety responsibilities and to ensure KPIs are met.
3 Develop and maintain sufficient knowledge of current health and safety legislation, established good practice, policies and procedures to provide authoritative advice and assistance to staff, in the appropriate area of expertise.
4 Promote and support health and safety policies, procedures and systems including reporting systems as appropriate to the needs of the Group as part of the overall risk management framework, producing monthly briefing information for the team and operational staff.
5 Monitor and report on health and safety activities throughout the Group undertaking inspections to meet KPIs for delivery of inspection activity and to ensure Group compliance.
6 Maintain effective relationships with internal customers, support groups and professional bodies, such as health and safety representatives and risk assessors, ensuring staff and support groups are aware of and comply with their health and safety obligations.
7 Develop operation specific procedures which reflect the commitments and regulatory requirements of Group policy and procedure.
8 Raise awareness of health and safety processes and practices to provide a safe working environment for staff, including identifying and supporting the development of learning and development interventions for Health and Safety.
9 Promote and support of the role of Health and Safety Representatives, Co-ordinators and Forums to ensure that all Group subsidiaries and businesses operations have adequate health and safety representation. Ensuring that an effective H&S management and support network exists
10 Contribute, as appropriate, to special programmes and projects in support of the Group's objectives.

Level Adaptability
2 When appropriate takes action to flex rules and standard procedures so that they fit a specific situation or help achieve a wider company goal.
Communicating & Influencing
3 Personally uses multiple arguments or different approaches to influence others without tailoring the approach to the needs of the audience. May include careful presentation of data.
Continuous Improvement
3 Makes specific changes aimed at improving the performance of self and/or others without setting a specific goal.
Customer Service
4 Identifies the underlying, unexpressed needs of customers and adds value by matching these to available services.
4 Looks ahead in the medium term to identify potential issues or opportunities and proactively takes action to resolve / capitalise on these.
Problem Solving
2 Understands problems by linking different elements (e.g. A leads to B) or by recognising similarities / differences with problems experienced before and identifies possible solutions.

Please contact Joshua Jacob for more information.
Salary: 14.22 per hour
Start date: 30.01.17
Contact name: Joshua Jacob
Contact email address:
Contact telephone number: 01473 557939
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