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Scheme Coordinator Job Details
Job title: Scheme Coordinator
Category: Healthcare
Term: Temporary
Location: Suffolk
Ref: 894819
Job description:
Service to Residents
Promote the well being of residents and maintain tenancies

* Respond to emergencies
* Build and maintain on going and trusting relationships with residents
* Monitor residents' well being and care packages to ensure appropriate support
* Contribute to multi-disciplinary assessments, and hospital discharge planning
* Build and maintain effective relationships with residents' families and appropriate external agencies
* Assess and responding to current and potential residents needs, acting as advocate when necessary
Resident Involvement
Promote the independence of residents
* Encourage, support and co-ordinate social activities
* Establish and maintain links with the local community
* Encourage, in consultation with residents, full use of communal facilities, primarily by residents but also by other people in the neighbourhood
* Promote resident participation and involvement
Local Environment
Ensure an attractive clean and secure local environment

* Monitor delivery of services, take appropriate action to deal with discrepancies
* Monitor service contract performance against specification, taking appropriate action, including reporting discrepancies to managers
* Ensure scheme is kept clean and secure in accordance with the organisations standards
* Ensure faults are reported and repairs completed
* Ensure compliance with health and safety, fire regulations and emergencies procedures
Provide the administrative services required for effective service delivery * Maintain accurate records and review them regularly
* Account for income and expenditure
* Maintain an accurate scheme inventory

(Competencies are a mixture of knowledge, skills and attitude which provide a clear description in simple language of
what a person needs to be able to do to carry out his or her job effectively)

Core Competencies
(Core competencies apply to all
roles. They are common to everyone as they represent the behaviours and personal skills required from all staff) Level
(The levels indicate
the performance expected in this role) Indicators of Expected Performance
(A fuller description is contained within our Competency Framework. A copy can be obtained from a Line
Manager when you start the job)
Adapt to change
React positively and with enthusiasm to change and improvement. Be willing to adapt to differing work demands and situations
1 * Understand and recognise need for change
* Accept change is ongoing
* Be open to new ideas
* Look for new and better ways of doing things
* Remain focused on goal
* Review and monitor systems and make changes if needed
* Do not change if the best already exists
* Learn from change
Communicate well with others
Listen to the needs of others and convey information clearly and accurately
2 * Listen to others and ask questions to clarify points and sum up to ensure others understand
* Be clear, concise, precise, use plain language
* Be positive and constructive even under duress; Keep cool under pressure
* Put across complex ideas simply both orally and in writing
* Show sensitivity and understanding in every situation
* Prepare in advance for discussion, identify key issues and develop valid responses
* Achieve a constructive conclusion, even in difficult situations
* Effectively use a wide range of communication tools and techniques
* Ensure that any special communication needs are met
* Provide reasoned, logical argument
Get the best out of self and others
Continuously strive to improve ones knowledge, skills and abilities to produce the best results. Motivate, guide and support others to develop
1 * Rise to the challenge of doing a difficult task
* Show confidence in own ability and expertise
* Know own job and know themselves
* Share in identifying their own training and development needs and utilise resources e.g. access to training and development/methods
* Learn from mistakes
* Take constructive criticism positively
* Recognise own strengths and weaknesses including any stereo types or prejudices
Impress the customer
Ensure service provided consistently meets customer needs
2 * Encourage and support staff to be client focused and creatively deal with queries/issues
* Seek and monitor satisfaction levels responding appropriately
* Review existing practices and procedures in when offering a quality service to ensure they are accessible to everyone, take into account any special needs
* Offer a responsible service tailored to client needs
* Ensure delivery of a top quality service
* Make clients aware of what else they might need or may be useful
* Successfully attract new customer
* Deal effectively with complex and sensitive issues
Work well with others
Contribute towards working as part of a team and involve others through liaising and building trust
1 * Know when you have the power/authority to make decisions and when to seek help
* Be flexible
* Share credit and responsibility
* Share ideas, skills and knowledge
* Work towards the common goals of the team
* Be prepared to listen and support other team members and staff in the wider organisation
* Understand own/others roles and impact upon each other
* Be aware of own role in organisation and how it contributes to organisation strategy
Salary: 10 per hour
Start date: 16.06.16
Contact name: Joshua Jacob
Contact email address:
Contact telephone number: 01473 557939
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