In any working environment, it is always valuable to recognise that you are part of a team, a group of people around you who can share a workload and communicate together in order to achieve a common goal! Here at Hunterskill Recruitment, we’ve taken lots of time on our blog to walk through the steps of effective workplace communication, building self-confidence and many other skills that can help our jobs and teams work more efficiently! However, there are always nuances when it comes to working in groups, and one that is most often overlooked is how to remain an individual, while still valuable in a community!

In the employment market, we call this your work profile – much like a social media profile, your work profile is the way you are perceived by your co-workers and team members around you! It is not a physical thing, and much of it relies on the communicative and perceptive skills of others. In this month’s tips and tricks, we’re going to walk you through some of the advantages of a positive work profile and also some useful strategies to implement to make sure that you are being noticed in the right way. So let’s not waste any time and get right into it!

This Time it’s Personal 

As we’ve mentioned before, the value of communication in the workplace environment is nothing short of paramount! Your ability to share ideas and feelings in a professional and mannered way will always become an extremely helpful tool to not only garner respect from your co-workers but also help get you noticed by decision-makers up the ladder. 

In our modern world, especially at work, it’s all too easy to simply throw a memo or message into an e-mail, shoot it off to multiple people all at once and think no more of it. Of course, e-mails are incredibly useful not essential in the business world, and we definitely would not be promoting not using them – however, it’s almost certain that many messages that are sent through e-mails could be communicated in a better way, especially for you work profile.

If you are trying to let a co-worker know something, or have a memo that you’re sending to a small group of people in your office or workspace, why not try letting them know in person? Stop by their desk or office, and let them know – there are several benefits to this style of communication. 

First of all, it shows you are willing to take the time out of your day to communicate with them – there is nothing personal or particularly caring in an e-mail. Secondly, it removes the possibility of misinterpretation, which is often the pitfall for written methods of communication. Finally and most importantly, however, is its effect on your profile – people will think about you more often if you appear in their circle in a positive way, by simply attempting to improve your communication, you are also improving your chances of being nominated for extra opportunity or even promotions!

Become a Jack of all Trades

This one sounds a little bit more effort than it’s worth but in all honesty, there are a few skills that will help you more in your working life than this one. Of course, we would not be asking you to become an expert in every field in your company (however impressive that would be), but being able to be aware and capable in the fields of your peers and coworkers, or at least appearing to be, is nothing short of invaluable.

Again, the positives of this are multi-fold, so let’s just run through a few of them. First and foremost, when has it ever hurt to know more? By introducing yourself to other aspects of your job, you are in turn opening doors to significantly more opportunities – perhaps a space needs to be filled while someone is on leave, potentially volunteering to take up some of the workloads can not only help you improve your understanding of the systems of your business but also help exhibit a can-do attitude that is irreplaceable for many employers.

Secondly, it allows your co-workers to understand that you care about their work just as much as your own, which is a great way to earn the respect of peers and higher-ups. In many instances, people feel as if their job is not understood, and if you show an interest or a willingness to help, or just understand, that goes a long way!

Being able to step out of your own box like this is also an incredibly useful networking tool – within companies and businesses, it’s all too easy to be pigeonholed into one job or sector, which in turn slims your potential in finding other opportunities or helpful contacts along the way. Make yourself acquainted with those in other sectors as you never know what you might discover!

In Summary

Building your work profile is more than just one goal, in many ways it’s the culmination of many of the previous tips and tricks we’ve shared with you in the past, check them out here. Getting noticed by employers and co-workers is invaluable, but so is getting your foot in the door. At Hunterskill Recruitment we do everything in our power to help get potential employees like you into the world of opportunity as easily and simply as possible.

Take a look at our jobs board, upload your C.V. or talk to one of our dedicated team members to find the right fit for you! Remember to brush up on all your new ‘Hunter-skills’ (see what we did there?) and as always…

Good Luck!