How to beat your CV’s REAL first hurdle: Applicant Tracking Software

You’ve got a master CV. Your details, qualifications, employment history and references are all there and once it gets to the hiring manager, you’re bound to make an impact. But there’s still one hurdle. Despite your expertly crafted CV and wealth of experience, there’s a chance that the hiring manager might not even get to […]

Your Work from Home Wardrobe affects your productivity

We’ve all hit it. The slump. Sitting claw-fingered, hunched over your keyboard staring at the blinking cursor. Waiting to get a word out for your CV or cover letter. Give yourself a break; we’re in a pandemic. No one’s working at their best. But there’s only so many breaks you can give yourself before you […]

LinkedIn Learning is a powerful boost to your profile

In the digital display room that is LinkedIn, it’s important to have somewhere to hang your accolades. There’s no understating the importance of a qualification. However, such certificates can only tell the employer so much about your experience and skills. What sets you apart from the other candidates? When it comes down to it, what […]

Volunteering in the time of COVID-19. Making a difference to your CV and your community.

We’ve all needed help. The past year has made things difficult for us all and for very different reasons. No one expected the challenges we’d face. Nonetheless, we’ve found ways to pull through – as individuals and in our communities. Whether it was helping our neighbours with the shopping, donating to the brave efforts of […]

How the Best Candidates Use their Personality Type

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses makes every difference during the job hunt and once you’ve accepted your role. No matter how long you’ve been working in your position, it’s always a good idea to take some to reevaluate your skills, priorities, behaviours and perspectives on the workplace. Once you have a good sense of […]

Answer Any Interview Question with C.A.R.L: Your Best Reference

You can only plan so much for your interviews. One of the main reasons an interview is beneficial for your potential employer is that they can assess how well you respond to a situation on the fly. Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean they’re trying to catch you out. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re […]

Guide To How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

We’re living in the digital age of recruitment. Digital employers, digital applicants, digital application processes. Recent studies have shown that around 70% of employers check the social media profiles of job applicants. Often employers won’t even contact a candidate for an interview if they do not have a digital footprint. LinkedIn is a great tool […]

How to Ace Your Job Interview

First of all, if you’ve successfully been selected for a job interview, congratulations. You’ve done the hard work, now we’re here to make sure you see it through until the end. The Hunterskill Recruitment Get Started series is intended to provide job seekers and early recruiters with the tools to sell themselves effectively within their […]

Get Started: Writing A Personal Statement

Not to be confused with a cover letter, a personal statement can make or break your job application. A cover letter is a supplement to your CV when contacting employers. You’ll typically come across a personal statement half way through an application form with a list of questions and a large empty box for your […]

Get Started: Creating a Master CV

Welcome to the Hunterskill Blog. Here you’ll find tips and tricks covering all stages of recruitment. Whether you’re currently job seeking or looking to recruit new employees, the Hunterskill Blog provides additional support with concise resources and insight to the industry. Our Get Started series aims to assist people new to the recruitment scene. Being […]