The Christmas season is almost upon us, and with it comes the promise of eating too much food and watching far too many reruns on TV. Surely, if you’ve been looking for work for a while, the holidays should be the time to wrap up the job hunt alongside the presents.

Well, you’d actually be missing out on a festive trick. There are actually a lot of positive things you can do throughout the holiday season to get a jump start in 2023.

1. Temporary jobs in Ipswich and Suffolk

Christmas and New Year’s provide a wonderful feast of temporary job chances. If you need something right now, need additional experience, or want to shift industries, performing some temp work in Ipswich and the surrounding area might be really beneficial.

Keep an eye out for job postings the temporary opportunity you’ve been looking for might be just around the corner.

2. Take the time to gain some perspective

Don’t fall into the trap of taking any job because you are not happy with your current one. The Christmas season allows you to reflect on why your current employment isn’t working for you and what it is you’re really seeking. Upload your CV to Hunterskill Recruitment and we can provide you with some options.

3. You gain a competitive advantage over Christmas

There will be many people who pack up their job hunt over Christmas and even travel home for the festive period. Use this to your advantage as it gives you the opportunity to get seen when there is less competition. 

4. Hiring managers use downtime

Individuals responsible for hiring frequently have other responsibilities that consume all of their time. But, in the period between Christmas and New Year’s, they finally have the time and headspace to go through and study all of the CVs and applications they’ve received.

You’ll be waiting too long if you wait until the New Year to get your CV on their desk.

5. Use your family and friends

You are likely to see more family and friends during the holidays than normal. As a result, it is an excellent time to offer them some mulled wine and ask if they would mind reading your CV quickly. Gather their input and take it into consideration.

6. Network

Do you want to make connections in the industry you want to work in? Want to contact a specific employer but don’t have a good reason? Well, Christmas is the ideal occasion. Networking is easier now than ever before. You can send Christmas greetings, send a Christmas card, or go to a Christmas function.

Of course, take some time during the holidays to recuperate and think about your job hunt strategy for the year ahead, but don’t let it lose momentum totally. Check out our other articles for more useful advice, guides, and the latest news from Hunterskill Recruitment, the leading employment agency in Ipswich and Suffolk.